Chemistry Services

The challenges of chemical synthesis are always motivational for team Intonation. Our growing team of chemists are supported by automation, modern infrastructure and matching analytical capabilities for high productivity.
The highly experienced medicinal chemistry team at intonation is capable of designing and executing elegantly complex chemical transformations expeditiously. Our chemistry services include -

synthetic chemistry

Synthetic Chemistry

We have a long and successful track record of developing synthetic routes and executing efficient and cost effective synthesis from milligram to kilogram quantities. Our expertise in Linker chemistry has enabled us to develop a broad library of building blocks for quick synthesis of difficult PROTACs in 100-500 milligram quantities.

Our capabilities includes:

  • heterocyclics
  • Macrocycles
  • Peptides
  • Carbohydrates
  • nucleosides
  • chiral ligand
  • auxiliary based asymmetric synthesis

In addition we also support the synthesis of the following :
Building blocks, Reference standards, impurities, intermediates, metabolities.

medicinal chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry

Our highly experienced medicinal chemistry team is credited with sixteen INDs and six marketed drugs. We leverage our team's experience of 200 plus years in multiple therapeutic areas including Oncology, Inflammation, Infection, CNS, etc, to efficiently support medicinal chemistry projects; including hit-to-lead, lead optimization and preclinical development.

Specific services include:

  • Lead identification and optimization: design and synthesis of the latest analogues to optimize potency, selectivity, efficacy, bioavailability, metabolism, etc.
  • Hit confirmation and expansion (confirm structure and activity of hit clusters). Synthesis of selected analogues to gauge scaffolds and choose lead series
  • Small molecule patent strategy development and implementation (done together with a law firm)
  • Project management and consulting
  • Generate proprietary structures (knowledge-based design)
  • Optimization of scaffolds to resolve different ADME issues
  • Design and synthesis of a focussed library to deal with selected medicinal chemistry issues
medicinal chemistry

computational chemistry

Computational Chemistry

We have dedicated computational chemists, who are well-versed with the latest software and algorithms to work in close collaboration with our team of medicinal chemists. They carry out target analysis, library design, virtual screening, ligand and protein structure-based discovery. In addition to our in-house databases, we are amenable to utilize online resources to advance discovery projects. Our cloud server enables real time sharing of large data files.

We provide the following services:

  • Manually curated and proprietary virtual library of 10 million lead like molecules.
  • Support compound procurement and analog by catalog efforts
  • Virtual ligand screening utilizing water mapping and energetics
  • Docking and scoring of compounds in protein structure
  • Development of Homology model
  • Multi-Parameter Optimization (MPO or MPOv2) calculation

analytical chemistry

Analytical Chemistry

Our analytical chemistry team is composed of experienced chemists with diverse skill sets ranging from chiral separation to molecular characterization by NMR studies including NOSEY, COSEY, HR-NMR, 2D-NMR, and IR, etc. They are supported with a fully equipped analytical laboratory. We have a dedicated QC team for the final release of the client's compounds.

We offer the following services:

  • Analytical HPLC method development
  • Purification of chiral and achiral compounds (up to g scale) by Prep-HPLC
  • LCMS and HPLC purity analysis (Both chiral and achiral compounds)
analytical chemistry

high throughput chemistry

High Throughput Chemistry

We have developed automated platforms, processes and reagent procurement for parallel synthesis to effectively and economically synthesise and manage libraries to support hit finding. We have library management tools and can provide compounds barcoded in multiple formats as required by our clients.