The Intonation Way to approach a project involves Integrity, Innovation and Impact. Each project, big or small, requires absolute transparency, seamless workflow, proactive communication and passionate ownership. We encourage our scientists when they make mistakes, which they will to learn but also to communicate our failures and learnings with the clients.

Our proactive communication approach demands need-based communication with clients - often more than once a day - if difficulty arises. We will proactively contact our clients with proposed solutions for approval. We understand every project awarded to us is important to our Client’s research, from a single compound synthesis through to a fully integrated discovery program.

From project initiation through to completion we ensure our clients have complete transparency on the status with a named project manager, agreed on reporting plan and direct access to project data via our cloud interface.


  • Intonation is a dedicated contract research organisation and does not undertake any internal drug discovery research.
  • IP protection is our first and foremost priority and we have taken significant measures to follow the highest levels of data and confidentiality security
  • All employees trained in IP awareness
  • Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA) signed by all employees
  • The client is the owner of all created Intellectual Property (IP)
  • All project-specific data stored in dedicated places
  • Computers are protected to prevent unauthorized access


With a team of over 100 scientists that have published 280 papers and patents, delivered 16 INDs and 6 marketed drugs we know what it takes to be successful in drug discovery.
We are small enough to be flexible and nimble ensuring quick decision making and large enough to ensure we have the resources to deliver on the most challenging projects.
We have a highly talented scientific team with an average of more than 6 years of industrial experience and a ratio of 1 PhD: 3 MSc’s.


We operate a 21,000 sq.ft state of the art chemistry and bioscience facility in Hyderabad India.
The laboratory complex with 60 fume hoods, cell culture, screening and radioisotope laboratories which are designed to facilitate effective communication and workflow between scientists. Our fully-equipped chemistry facility includes the following:

  • 10 chemical hoods
  • 1X combi-flash
  • 5X rotary evaporators
  • Rx flasks from 5 ml to 25 lt capacity
  • 1X dedicated LC/MS
  • 1X microwave
  • N2, air, vac lines
  • 250 ml and 2.0 lt hydrogenation capacity

We can scale-up a compound up to 10kg per month depending on the number of steps. Our scale-up laboratory includes the following:

  • Kilo Lab and Scale-up laboratory
  • 6 Walk-in Chemical Hoods
  • 50 and 100 lt Rotavapor
  • 1X 100 lt Glass Reactor
  • 2X 50 lt Glass Reactors
  • Large-Scale Separation Capabilities include:

    • Flash Column (Comp. air)
    • Combiflash
    • 4-40g (NP)
    • 10-950g (RP)
    • Monitoring by LC/MS, TLC All data archived
    • MS assisted Prep


Our bioscience team’s principal role is to support our integrated discovery programs. Our bioscience knowledge of target biology, therapeutic area specialization, and ability to work collaboratively at each stage of the drug discovery process allows the efficient design or transfer and validation of high-quality single assays or cascades to accelerate your hit finding, hit-to-lead and lead optimization programs. We have the expertise and infrastructure to support biochemical, cell-based and radio-ligand binding assays.

IBSC (Institutional Bio-Safety Committee (IBSC)) Accreditation

The facility is an IBSC committee approved by the DBT (Department of Biotechnology, Government of India) nominated IBSC Nominee, DBT nominated outside expert and medical Safety Officer to review and approve the projects involving biological products or derived products.

Screening facility:

  • Victor X3 plate reader: Perkin Elmer
  • Envision Plate reader: Perkin Elmer
  • HTS Alpha screen compatible
  • Biacore T200
  • Two Multi Drops for dispensing: Thermo Fischer scientific
  • Top count scintillation counter: Perkin Elmer
  • Bio-rad gel running and blotting apparatus
  • 8 channel and 12 channel Multichannel pipettes.
  • -80 freezer and -20 freezers from Thermo Fischer scientific
  • Four high-speed cold microcentrifuges
  • Cell culture facility
  • Two advanced C02 incubators: Thermo Fischer Scientific
  • Microscope
  • BS-I and BS-II laminar flows
  • Water baths
  • Autoclave machine
  • Water bath sonicator
  • ELISA and Activity Assays, MSD Assays, Laser Light Scattering with UV and RI (Static), FTIR


  • ABI RT-PCR System
  • Biacore T200
  • ISCO CombiFlash (3)
  • Perkin Elmer Gas chromatograph
  • Agilent HPLC-DAD
  • Waters HPLC-DAD/RI
  • Waters LC-MS (3)
  • Microwave synthesizer (3)
  • 400 MHz NMR (leased use)
  • Perkin Elmer Envision
  • Perkin Elmer TopCount
  • Perkin Elmer Victor3
  • Waters Preparative LC-MS
  • Agilent Preparative LC
  • Sciex LC-MS/MS
  • Reaxys (Beilstein) database
  • ScienceDirect database
  • Waters UPLC-QTOF
  • Waters UPLC-MS (2)

Radio Isotope facility
A dedicated Type-II radioactive facility is established to handle UNSEALED RADIOISOTOPES. The radioactive lab is equipped to handle 3H, 32P, 14C, 35S. This facility works under the supervision of a dedicated Radiation safety officer (RSO). The facility was designed and constructed as per the AERB guidelines. The list of major equipment across all laboratories: